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We are an innovative Singapore-based team with expertise in application development, design, business, and marketing. We have been delivering powerful online solutions since the early days of the internet. Our team is passionate and dedicated, willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients get what they need.

We provide a one-stop bespoke solution, coordinating services across entire projects. We work with both small startups and large corporations, tailoring our solutions to the client's exact specifications and budget. Our consulting approach prioritizes the commercial requirements of our clients.

With a focus on strategy and measurable ROI, we have a reputation for excellence in planning, creating, delivering, and marketing world-class solutions. We work with clients who have exact brand standards and won't make compromises. They trust us to meet those high standards, and the results demonstrate our capabilities.



Personal Touch

As our client, you can guarantee to be in direct and regular contact with the actual individuals working on your project.

We have been there ourselves! Nothing is more disheartening than calling a firm and being told that the matter will be "passed on to the relevant department" or "someone will call you back about this". We want you to easily and instantly reach out to the actual developers dealing with your issues and have the peace of mind that you are indeed looked after by real people!

International Experience

Our main developers and designers have experience of working on site with clients in various parts of the world including the UK, Germany, USA, South Korea and Singapore.

Our founders have been active in the area of internet programming and business development in Europe since 1998 when the web was still at its infancy. They have served a vast array of corporate clients including JPMorgan Chase & Co., British Telecom, Autodesk Inc., Guiness, Nokia, Soluxe Hospitality and Kenzi Hotels & Resorts. Having gone through a long evolution of trends and technologies over the past 15 years, they bring in invaluable experience that sets Episcript truly aside from other companies.

100% In-House Development - No Outsourcing

All of our development are performed in-house by an experienced team of programmers, designers and marketing professionals. Although outsourcing is a viable option for many companies, we believe that in-house development is a far more superior approach, as it results in better communication with the client, timely delivery and better overall control.

Culture & Ethics

As a company, we have a very open and relaxed culture. We do not restrict ourselves to a typical 9 to 5 work schedule. Our team is always ready to put in the hours and go beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients get what they need. Furthermore, we are generally flexible with making time arrangements to suit our clients. If you wish to have a Sunday afternoon meeting with us and that is the only time you can make it, we will happily oblige. No cold fronts, no bureaucracy, no unnecessary formalities. Just pure Episcript!.

Pure Bespoke Development

Our solutions stand out because they are fully built and tailored to the customer's exact requirements. We do not use 'off-the-shelf' packages or ready-made solutions. We strongly believe that a quality system needs to be built by understanding the individual customer's needs and their specific business requirements. That way, we are able to more accurately meet your demands and create new innovative functionality to grow your business.

Furthermore, we believe in clear system architecture without using any fancy frameworks or confusing methodologies. We write code that is pure, upgradeable and easily portable.

Open & Honest Pricing

Unlike most IT companies, we do not like to hide our pricing and billing behind a smart salesperson and a maze of meetings and contracts. We open it up all out there for you to decide.



In the first phase, we define the scope and needs of the application in terms of what it must do, its main features and technical requirements. Our research involves many steps including study of the market demands, competitors' products and future predictions.


We plan the project's skeleton from ground up. This includes detailed site map planning, database architecture, server-side languages, middleware tools and front-end framework.


Once the plan is confirmed, the actual development work begins. We develop our systems in a modular way to allow for easy future upgrades and changes.


During this phase we "stress" the application by executing the code in all possible conditions with the objective to detect all bugs, imperfections and misbehaviours and resolve them before the final release.


Once in perfect order, we publish in a Beta environment for a final test. If all is good, we proceed to the final release.


We do not stop after the release. All of our applications undergo continuous maintenance and support while under our management.

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