Empowering Singapore Schools and Tuition Centres
17 May 2023

Education is the cornerstone of every nation's progress, and Singapore has long been recognised for its commitment to excellence in this field. As educational institutions continuously strive to enhance their operations and optimise student learning experiences, the need for an efficient and tailored school management system becomes increasingly apparent.

CRM for Small Businesses: Benefits and Episcript's Custom Solutions
15 May 2023

CRM is crucial for all businesses, especially small ones. CRM software helps small businesses manage customer data, interactions, and relationships efficiently. This post discusses the benefits of CRM for small businesses and Episcript's custom CRM solutions expertise.

Streamline Your Lead Management with Episcript's Custom CRM
14 May 2023

In the current highly competitive business environment,, effective lead management is crucial for success. Episcript's Lead Management Module offers a comprehensive solution to optimize your lead generation, tracking, and conversion processes. Discover how it can transform your sales efforts.

10 Benefits of a Custom-Built Event Management System
14 May 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of event management, generic off-the-shelf software falls short in meeting the unique demands of organisers. That's where Episcript comes in. With our expertise in creating tailored event management solutions, we empower our clients to maximize efficiency and achieve exceptional results. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 benefits that await those who choose Episcript's custom-built event management system.

Revolutionising Education: The Power of Custom-Built School Management Systems
03 May 2023

Investing in a custom-built school management system is an investment in the future of your educational institution. By leveraging tailored solutions, schools can experience improved administrative efficiency, streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and data-driven decision-making. Embracing technology in education is no longer an option but a necessity.

Gain Competitive Advantage with a Custom-built CRM
18 Sep 2022

Ready-to-use CRM software is easily available on the market. However, typically these are tailored to cater to the multiple functionalities required by larger corporations with complex infrastructural processes. Smaller to Medium-sized companies wishing to install such enterprise CRM software may face a huge barrier in terms of it being a complicated re-customisation and installation process, coupled with the high costs involved in acquiring such a system.

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