Comprehensive Inventory Management System

Increase your sales and keep track of your stock movement and order fulfillment across all your sales channels and locations with Singapore's most powerful inventory management software.

All-in-One system tailored exactly to the way you operate.

Real-Time Stock Management and Tracking

From quotation to order delivery, gain full visibility and real-time updates across your entire supply chain.

  • Unlimited Product SKUs
  • Sales Orders Synchronised with the Stock Balance
  • Inbound Products Reflected in Real Time
  • Warehouse Transfers Reflected in Real Time
  • Consignment Stock Capability
  • Detailed Reports & Audits
  • Stock-Management

    Real-Time Stock Value

    Have a clear insight on your stock's value at any point in time and avail that to your accounting software in real time.

  • Live View of Inventory Based on Warehouse, Area and Country
  • Accurate Stock Values Based on Supplier Prices
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Ability to Track Miscellaneous Costs Like Courier fees or Storage Cost
  • Integration with the System's Invoicing Module
  • Detailed Reports & Audits
  • stock-value

    Multi-Location Multi-Warehouse Capability

    Manage multiple warehouses in different cities and countries, process orders and transfer stock between your warehouses and generate detailed reports to oversee your sales and make improved business decisions.

  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Stock Allocation in Different Warehouses
  • Real-Time Synchronisation of Stock Across all Warehouses
  • Transfer Stock Easily Between Warehouses
  • Detailed Reports at Warehouse Level or Globally
  • Multi-Warehouse

    Purchase Management and Supplier Management

    Gain full control over your purchasing.

  • Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders
  • Full Supplier Details Management
  • Manage Supplier Quantity Discounts
  • Detailed Supplier Transaction Reports
  • supplier-management

    Inventory Alerts

    Automatic inventory alerts that ensure optimal stock levels, minimise loss, and manage customer expectations.

  • Automatic Email, SMS and System Notification Alerts
  • Low Stock Level Alerts
  • Shipment Delay Alerts
  • Reorder Reports
  • inventory-alerts

    Barcode Scanning and Tagging

    The barcoding module helps eliminate human error when recording product details.

    Scanning barcode enables you to automatically record the product details immediately in the inventory, provides fast and reliable solution compared with manual data entry.

    In addition, using inventory barcode scanning reduces the training time for employees, resulting in a more economical and efficient operation.


    Detailed Reporting

    Gain full insight on all aspects of your inventory with detailed tabular and graphical reports.

  • Stock Turnover Rate
  • Stock Movement Reports
  • Stock Level Reports
  • Stock Age Reports
  • Unit Sales Reports
  • and many more...
  • inventory-reports

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