Are Mobile Apps Necessary for Small Enterprises?

Most owners of small enterprises do not view mobile apps as a necessity, as they feel their business can survive without the cost and complications involved in developing a mobile app for their small business.

Currently most small businesses just rely on the traditional channels of marketing, such as word of mouth, mass mailing out to potential clients and placing advertisements in local newspapers and magazines. Those who are a bit more internet savvy may resort to doing ad campaigns over emails, and networking via the social media platform. Companies with websites would bank on users looking them up on search engines, such as Google search.

These are all fine and good if the small enterprise owners are happy with just staying afloat and churning out acceptable level of profits to get by on a daily basis.

Though most small enterprises are not in dire operational need of mobile apps at this point in time, apps are certainly becoming a norm in the global business environment, and any company which employs the use of the mobile apps for their business is bound to find that the benefits far outweigh the cost of developing the app.

Mobile apps allow for seamless and constant engagement of and connectivity with consumers, whether they’re on the go or relaxing at home. With the proliferation of use of smart phones and devices, owners of small enterprises would be well advised to start looking into developing mobile apps in the immediate future for their small business to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors, and to remain at the forefront of consumers' minds when the latter are looking into these companies’ products and services.

As a quick reminder, historically businesses started out with just a physical shop front, followed by retaining connectivity with consumers via the telephone. These days, a website is practically a necessity for any type and size of respectable business. Hence, as consumers become more savvy and mobile in their shopping behaviour, business owners cannot ignore the fact that mobile apps will eventually turn out to be the main marketing tool to engage constantly mobile consumers. Apps offer an easy opportunity for consumers to immediately engage in purchase activities as well, when they feel the urge to do so while on the move.

With developers of mobile apps now offering fast and reasonably priced services to customise an app that will not only help increase traffic and business for the small enterprises through constant connectivity with potential consumers, the mobile apps also help build customer loyalty by allowing for easy access to reward programs, and even promote more efficient networking on social media platforms.

Hence in a nutshell, the opportunity cost of not having a custom-developed mobile app for your small business may be too high to ignore, when there are so many more benefits to having a mobile app for your business, than to not have one.
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