Gain Competitive Advantage with a Custom-built CRM

18 Sep 2022
Pre-configured, ready-to-use CRM software is easily available at a number of established software vendors. However, typically these are tailored to cater to the multiple functionalities required by larger corporations with complex infrastructural processes. Smaller to Medium-sized corporations wishing to install such enterprise CRM software may face a huge barrier in terms of it being a complicated re-customisation and installation process, coupled with the high costs involved in acquiring such a system.

As such, some companies may find it more beneficial to custom build a CRM system that addresses all the specific needs and functionalities intrinsic to the companies' operations. Customising the CRM system to the users' needs of that specific company not only cuts down on precious time needed in terms of installation and training of relevant personnel on the usage of the system. It may prove to be a more economic option as versus purchasing out-of-the-box solutions as well, despite the usual pre-conceived notions that custom building such CRM systems are typically a rather pricey affair.

Overall staff productivity is likely to be enhanced as the custom-built CRM system is designed to seamlessly automate existing manual workflow processes. Customising the company's CRM system allows for seamless transition of updated, real-time data and information at the hands of any number of interdepartmental personnel, resulting in more effective communications and efficient work processes.

As most out-of-the box CRM software solutions are sold on a charge-per-user basis, custom-building such a CRM system is a more viable option to allow for unrestricted access to the required information by all users who have a need for the data. If cost concerns are the reason that only a finite number of staff can access the required data at any one time, this may lead to unnecessary slowing down of work processes resulting in lower productivity and efficiency amongst staff.

With a custom-built CRM system that is tailored to automate your organisation’s specific set of workflow processes, it also allows for automation of different processes in different departments that are interlinked to achieve greater efficiencies in all aspects of your organisation's operations, from back-end logistics and marketing departments, to front-end sales and customer service personnel who have direct and constant contact with customers.

Any ready-to-use, out-of-the-box CRM solutions has a limited scope in functionality and cannot address any concerns that are not pre-programmed into the software. Whereas though there will definitely be inevitable programming bugs in the custom built CRM system, they can be easily resolved by the programmers who have carefully analysed all the data and issues to be addressed in the custom built CRM system.

Such is the competitive advantage to any organisation who opts to custom build a CRM system that is completely tailored to address every relevant operational, sales and servicing or marketing issue that is unique to the organisation in question.

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