How to get started building a Mobile App

An entrepreneurial minded and IT-based businessman will look towards building a mobile app as the means to solving a genuine problem / need that is not yet addressed in the IT marketplace. However, to ensure that the mobile app will be a marketable and successful app that will not only address the issue / problem perceived by the person developing the app, a more rational approach would be to first research on the level of interest and demand for the app by the targeted market / potential users.

This can be easily achieved via the leading search engine's, Google Keyword Planner, or by incorporating a landing page in your website that will capture the interest logged by the target market / potential users of the features and functionalities needed of the app in question. This may also help in eliciting any useful ideas and suggestions that had not yet been explored in the development of mobile app, which might potentially increase its mass appeal.

Once you have received some validation on the demand needed to get the development of the mobile app off the ground, the next step would be to draw up a detailed brief of the exact sequence of navigation of steps required for the app, bearing in mind the user-friendliness of the features that will be required to engage even the most inexperienced of users. Planning your development brief may require the use of a wireframing tool to give a more succinct picture of the app development process.

Start with just the most basic features first for the prototype of your mobile app as this will help lower the initial development costs and speed up the development process. Any non-essential 'frills' can be added on as enhancements to subsequent improved versions of the app.

Apart from the aesthetics, the usability of the features of the app is equally as important a component in the design of the mobile app. The users' positive encounter with the app very much determines the acceptance level and in turn, the success of the app.

For those looking for a developer to develop the mobile app for their company, most crucial would be to select one that has a solid track record in terms of their development experience as well as the portfolio of mobile apps that the developer has produced.

Once the mobile app is launched, an astute analysis of the targeted users' behavioural response and usage patterns of the app will be highly beneficial in terms of any subsequent improvements and augmentations needed for the app in later developmental stages. In these days of rapidly evolving technology, the only constant is change. It would do the budding entrepreneur well to bear that in mind when it comes to remaining open minded to any feedback and analytics that can help him develop a mobile app that will continually engage and retain a set of loyal users.

Marketing the mobile app is done through app stores available either through Google for Android devices or Apple for their range of devices. Registering with Google or Apple may be done on a personal or corporate basis. Utilising analytic tools to track users' behavioural patterns and demographics will be a sure fire way to keep your mobile app up-to-date and current.

To the uninitiated entrepreneur, this may serve as a quick guide on how he may wish to approach developing a mobile app the first time around.
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