Beaufort Automation CRM

Beaufort Corporate Services Pte. Ltd. is an established accounting, tax advisory and corporate secretarial firm with a portfolio of over 1200 clients spanning a variety of industries both within Singapore and abroad.

One of the most typical parts of Beaufort’s operations which they perform on a daily basis is the incorporation of new companies with all of its associated paperwork and submissions to the authorities. This is followed by on-going secretarial services with maintenance of statutory records and statutory compliance reminders. In addition, they help clients with changes to their business details such as share transfers, changes of company officers, company name or business activities to name some.

With such a large client portfolio which is fast growing, the management of the above tasks has proven to be one of the most onerous and labour-intensive parts of our operations. Our involvement to date.

To solve this, we have developed a detailed online database driven application to automate the majority of the above tasks. In brief, below are some of the existing functionalities of the system which have been completed by us and are currently in use:

  1. Recording general company details upon incorporation such as registration details, business activities, officer details, capital and share details.
  2. Automatic generation of official documents such as forms 45 and 45B, First Board Meeting, Share Certificates, Memorandum & Articles of Association and Company Register.
  3. Recording and automatic generation of agreements.
  4. Processing changes to companies such as change of company name, change of officers, share transfers, change of business activities and other types of company change. This is followed by the automatic generation of Resolution documents.
  5. Sending automated reminders to clients for statutory compliance.
  6. Sending automatic retainer invoices to clients.
  7. Comprehensive Human Resource management module for Beaufort’s internal use.
  8. A detailed Invoicing Module which enables to automatically issue and forward invoices to its clients together with payment reminders, a Receipts module and a comprehensive reporting facility.