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Have it Built EXACTLY the Way You Want It!

There are many CRM software and CRM providers on the market. Usually however, vendors offer existing off-the-shelf software which is pre-built with a standard set of features. Those solutions tend not to be exactly suitable for use by all company departments or can be very costly. 

At Episcript, we know that every business is unique in the way it operates and serves its clients. We therefore take pride in our strength in developing totally customised and tailor built CRM solutions that focus on the very needs of your business and blend seamlessly with your operating model resulting in a robust and streamlined platform for connecting with customers.

WHY Episcript's CRM?

Fully Custom Built

Tailor built to your business's specific needs with the exact modules and features you require


Rich in features, yet extremely intuitive and easy to use and operate

Easily Upgradable

Add new modules or amend the existing ones easily as and when you need to


Highly Accessible

Fully cloud based, mobile responsive and accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets and hand-phones

Qualifies for Grants

We will assist you every step of the way with your government grant application

Expert Ongoing Support

We will provide you with continuous expert support to ensure your CRM always serves to the best of its potential


By providing real-time access to customer information and real-time communication with customers, a custom built CRM can dramatically boost your sales and marketing strategies.


We will work with you every step of the way to build the CRM that perfectly fits your business needs. By carefully learning your company's operating model, we will ensure to develop a CRM that takes care of every aspect of the opration.

With our highly mobile and tablet compatible solutions, your emplyees can be on of top of tasks anywhere, any time and on any device ensuring that customers get the satisfaction they deserve, round the clock.


Episcript has a solid track record of projects which were funded successfully via various government grants such as the Singapore Enterprise Development Grant (EDG Grant) which entitles you to up to 70% of the project cost.

Episcript will be happy to assist client with their grant applications in every possible way should that be needed.


Wide variety of solutions, customised to your Organisation's requirements, hassle-free coordinated service across the entire project